4/21/21: 376,373 Mined and Untouched BSOV Remains

Bloxy reports 3,418,270.41 on chain

3,978,250 BSOV have been mined, 183,606.57 burned with 3,418,270.41 reported on-chain by Bloxy. The remaining 376,373.02 is untouched by BSOV miners.

From my calculations on 2/28/21, there were 418K remaining, then on 3/21/21 393K remaining. Today we are at 376K with the fresh BSOV going on a one-way trip to the ETH/BSOV pair on Uniswap.

The two-year mark is coming around the corner for BSOV and ETH fees do not seem to be cooling down. I believe because of this, mining will not continue until price action is above $.30 conservatively for arbitrage gains. The same trend could continue with the old BSOV offloading to Uniswap for the multi-bagger gains over the past almost two years. There has never been this much BSOV in Uniswap passing the 1% mark of the total supply of the commodity. The project aims to be a decentralized “store-of-value” and with this much value pinned to ETH on Uniswap, it’s coming to fruition.