BSOV Price on Etherscan 6/17/21

During the last two years, over 1% of the total supply has been burned with almost four of twenty-one million mined. BSOV has been hyperinflationary producing millions of units in such a short time. Inflation is a big topic in the news today and the goal for BSOV is to be “deflationary-by-deisgn” acting as a long term “store-of-value”. Bloxy gives statistics on the total float that is accounted for and this chart shows the inflation rate is nowhere near where it was for the past two years.

4/21/21: 376,373 Mined and Untouched BSOV Remains

Bloxy reports 3,418,270.41 on chain

3,978,250 BSOV have been mined, 183,606.57 burned with 3,418,270.41 reported on-chain by Bloxy. The remaining 376,373.02 is untouched by BSOV miners.

BanksCoin was launched on 6/11/2020 and since then only 46 BKC have been mined. In June 2020, ETH gas fees were not even close to the levels they are now and many mineable tokens have run into the issue of the block reward value being smaller than the transaction cost on the ETH Mainnet. Not equating in any costs of electricity for the computers, just the transaction cost brings the mining to a halt. I have been following the space of mineable tokens for almost two years now and the value in the open market has many factors but when…

The Snowball Effect

This article will be my investment thesis on BSOV with today's date being 3/31/21. I am not a financial advisor and do not take responsibility for any losses. I have been bullish on BSOV for close to two years since late June 2019, admittedly less bullish during some periods than others! I was the 100th person in the Telegram chat and a nice British guy sent me my first 100 BSOV stack for free. It felt really nice that a stranger who I had never met just sent me crypto for free to get my feet wet. The community welcomed…

BSOV/ETH Uniswap Pool Close to 1% of the Total Supply

3/23/21 201K BSOV pooled with ETH

The BSOV/ETH pair on Uniswap is proving to be the solution for BSOV as a decentralized “store-of-value”. The pool is closing in on 1% of the total supply of BSOV recently passing the burn wallet. One of the biggest criticisms of BSOV in the past has been the lack of liquidity; we were as liquid as a “lemonade stand” and that was not entirely false. As seen above the amount of BSOV in the pool has varied over time now cracking all-time highs over 200k. Consolidation in these types of…

393.2K Mined and Untouched BSOV Remains

Bloxy reports 3,409,435.6 BSOV on-chain not accounting for the burn address currently at 175,590.15. The total mined have been 3,978,250 minus 175,590.15 equals 3,802,659.85. Subtract the 3,409,435.60 from this total and there are 393,224.25 BSOV that have not been moved since being mined. With the recent increase in prices across all exchanges, BSOV from these old wallets has been sent to Uniswap for ETH. This process is totally natural in a decentralized system such as BSOV. The photo below shows the on-chain data in the last two weeks showing the moves are correlated to the increase in price action.

$53k in the BSOV/ETH

BSOV has been looking promising in the last couple of days, at one point hitting a high of $.36 on Resfinex! Mercatox, Uniswap, and Resfinex have all been hit with buy orders pushing the price up over 100% after the release of the Cointelegraph article. BSOV is acting as a “store-of-value” as the whole purpose of the coin. The float is slowly decreasing because none have been mined since 2020 and thousands have been transferred on-chain. The selling pressure is lacking because to mine a new block it costs around $.60/ BSOV. The multiple 90% corrections seem to have done…

Since BKC was launched in June 2020 only 46 have been mined with each block representing one BKC reward. Using FPGAs with over 20 Gh/s it takes over two days to mine a block now; before it was a little less than two days. The point I am making here is after mining for a day with two machines I think the only way for miners to want to mine BKC is if there are existing buy orders that are above the cost to mine. This can be done easily with Uniswap! Currently, there are three pools for BKC with…

BSOV Article Drop 3/12/21

I wanted to make a little article for fun prior to the biggest day in the history of BSOV. The community has paid a large proportion of the donation wallet to have a couple of articles on the biggest altcoin news site. Ethereum mineable tokens are a small niche market that has the potential to blossom moving forward. BSOV is a mineable token that is 100% decentralized and minted by proof-of-work. These coins do not have a percentage given to the founder at launch they need to be mined. With this distribution, it is hard to gain exposure because the…

2/28/21 Bloxy Quotes 3,390,403

The blockchain is one of mankinds greatest inventions for many reasons, in this article I want to discuss the ability to verify all transactions on a public ledger. When coins are issued with proof-of-work, the reward is sent to the wallet that wins the reward and another challenge is made. Using Bloxy anyone in the world can see statistics on the supply of BSOV. Above shows 3,390,403 verified on-chain. This number is far off from the actual amount that has been mined minus burned.

BanksCoin BKC

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