BSOV/ETH Uniswap Pool Close to 1% of the Total Supply

3/23/21 201K BSOV pooled with ETH

The BSOV/ETH pair on Uniswap is proving to be the solution for BSOV as a decentralized “store-of-value”. The pool is closing in on 1% of the total supply of BSOV recently passing the burn wallet. One of the biggest criticisms of BSOV in the past has been the lack of liquidity; we were as liquid as a “lemonade stand” and that was not entirely false. As seen above the amount of BSOV in the pool has varied over time now cracking all-time highs over 200k. Consolidation in these types of systems is totally natural and the increase in supply I believe can be attributed to the increase in price bringing wallets from all over the world to cash in on some gains. Also, the increase in supply is coming from committed community members who believe in BSOV and are pairing their ETH with BSOV. For some perspective on February 24th, there were a total of 49.7K in the pool. In one month we have had over 150K added accounting for a 300% increase in the amount of BSOV! Larger and larger buy and sell orders are now liquid for anyone in the world 24/7. I am bullish on BSOV and think this pool is going to be the rocket fuel to allow investors to purchase their piece of the blockchain instantaneously. In summation, BSOV is analogous to a poker table that is increasing in value/number of players. Wallets with over $1,000 in value have multiplied with the recent increase in price and are either holding or selling. This is like a poker player leaving the table to sell to another player for a buy-in in their own special chip, BSOV. There are only so many chips with more and more people are assigning value to BSOV essentially buying into poker table from other players in the past. The seats at the poker table are just changing hands with the same chip count available, or in our case less with the deflationary design. No one knows what will happen in the future of BSOV but I think these developments are exciting for the community and our 2021 outlook. Cheers to the HODL!



Mathematician and founder of BanksCoin, more info on the website

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