BSOV Holds Price at $0.0735

BSOV Price on Uniswap 8/26/20 with Higher Lows

Since the end of July BSOV has continued to make higher lows. Briefly this week on Uniswap the price dropped below $0.06 and was quickly bought back up. With the lack of mining, sell pressure is waining on BSOV because of the spartan mentality of many holders. It is rare to see over 10k sold, and when it does the sharks are swimming ready to buy at a discount on Uniswap. In my opinion, this chart is evident cash flow is coming into BSOV and staying. The next couple of months are going to be interesting to see how the price holds up on Uniswap. Now over $300 million in liquidity the decentralized exchange is changing the world with assets other exchanges don’t offer. BSOV is in the right place at the right time. A negative annual GDP growth rate with a 0% interest rate environment could trigger 4% inflation year over year. BSOV is currently in a deflationary stage lowering the total float as more people move the commodity, especially in large quantities. If we continue to follow this bullish uptrend, BSOV could close out the month of August at $0.08. A bearish reversal I only see happening if a large position of over 30k sells with ETH turning negative quickly. BSOV is not a rocket ship by any means but charts like this are encouraging to see. Resistance is being held and cash flow is coming in. At a sub $200k total float valuation and looming 4% inflation, BSOV could easily see 4% a year gain in value. I am no financial advisor, this is all opinion and I do have a stake in BSOV.

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