BSOV is in Unchartered Territory, $.10/ BSOV

BSOV price on Uniswap holding at $.10 8/21/20

After the article released on visionary finance, BSOV has had substantial buy-side action pushing the price up to $.11 at one time. The move almost passed the CMC reported high of $.118 on August 11. BSOV has never held to this high a valuation. This could be the most speculative moment in the history of BSOV. Will it go up? Will it go sideways? Will it go down? At this point, the future is totally unknown but the momentum is strong. The next 24 hours are going to be a big tell to how the market reacts. With prices this high the vast majority of wallets are in the green. At this valuation, I could see many wallets who came in early take some profit. But how many? BSOV has purged many wallets because over the last 1.2 years there has been a rollercoaster in price thus many wallets already sold for a profit or a loss in frustration. That is the beauty of crypto once you leave the poker table, the game is up unless you want to buy back in. These units cannot be debased so to buy more it has to come from somewhere.

BSOV Holders 8/21/20

BSOV I think has some of the strongest holders because of the 1% burn. Everyone understands that the best thing to do is, do nothing. The valuation in regards to the world economy or other cryptos in general is tiny; less than $300K float is a drop in the bucket. Awareness is growing and liquidity is at all-time highs on Uniswap. Take a look at to find out more. I am no financial advisor, this is all opinion and I do have a stake in BSOV.

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