BSOV Token Turnaround and 1% Deflation Token Turnaround Total Amount for BSOV

Token turnaround total amount is a statistic to measure the number of tokens that have gone from one wallet to another on the blockchain. This statistic is important for BSOV because 1% of the amount will be destroyed to the burn wallet. At the time of this writing, BSOV has a token turnaround total amount reported on Bloxy at 12.8 million. 1% of this is 128K and that is in the burn wallet. Averaging 12.8 million over 14 months since the contract was launched, 914K are sent each month creating 9,140 on average sent to the burn wallet. Assuming this average continues, over the next 60 months an additional 548K could be sent to the burn wallet creating an estimated sum total of 676K. The key assumption of 914K sent per month would need to be true to lead to these values over time. At current gas prices, BSOV is starting to become deflationary because sending 100 with 0 mined in a 6-hour interval makes a -1 on the total float. It is going to be interesting to see what happens in the future with the float. As the price goes up the costs of sending BSOV increase as well because the 1% loss is larger in value. Previously we all hypothesized the deflation would start after the first halving or somewhere down the line when the blocks are less than 50. Within 14 months of the contract being deployed and thanks to a high ETH gas market, BSOV is having negative 6-hour intervals on the total float for the first time.

Deflation is here with BSOV and as a long term holder and believer, this is an awesome thing to see. The Telegram chat now has a burn bot keeping track of the mined/ burned BSOV over a 6-hour duration. Basic economics of supply and demand govern every market and if the supply decreases the price at equilibrium increases because of the lack of supply holding all factors constant. In the history of BSOV, you could argue it has been hyper-inflationary at times because of how easy it was to mine/ low cost of gas in the summer of 2019 and on. These times appear to be over. Gas prices have been elevated for many weeks now resulting in a lower day-to-day increase in the total mined. The built-in deflation function Mundo programmed that is the story of BSOV is finally starting to take hold mathematically and control the narrative. Take a look at to find out more or join the Telegram group chat. I am no financial advisor, this is all opinion and I do have a stake in BSOV.