BSOV Uniswap Liquidity at All-Time Highs

Just shy of $20k, buying and selling BSOV is available 24/7 at around a $25 fee

BSOV is becoming a “store-of-value” as the purpose of the coin. Public-private key encryption is the way all security in the world operates. BSOV is utilizing that framework and attempting to create a commodity class that incentivizes holding and owning a part of the blockchain due to its deflationary nature. The burn wallet is over .8% of the total supply currently and increasing every swap, send, and add playing into the greater picture designed by Mundo. For BSOV to become as the name intends, people need to come together and assign value to the commodity from all over the world and most importantly believe in the mechanisms of the smart contract. Many people are and holding the line as liquidity is rising, believing in the true purpose of the commodity long term.

2% spread at $148 to buy and sell 24/7

I think all of us long-term holders have seen BSOV as a “store of value” from the beginning. We all have seen what happens when many people start to value a crypto commodity that has a fixed supply. Soon Cointelegraph will release two articles and more people will learn about BSOV and the unique way it is trying to position itself with all the cryptos of the world. BSOV is simple, it’s a “store-of-value”. No promises to be something it isn’t. As more and more people assign $10,$100,$1000 to the commodity it is bound to become more and more of what the name describes. People can now transact at a 2% spread more than ever before on Uniswap. Uniswap is a game-changer and allows BSOV to be a “store-of-value” 24/7, 365 days a year. At any moment swaps can occur, BSOV will be burned, and value can be transferred. EOY if BSOV can have $100k in Uniswap that would be a huge success for the cryptocurrency and its main purpose. Cheers to the HODL, I hope you like the article!