Micro-Cap Gem BSOV UniSwap V2 Liquidity Boom

UniSwap V2 Liquidity for BSOV-ETH

BSOV has made some serious strides recently with liquidity on UniSwap V2. Now buyers and sellers are able to transact value at spreads tighter than ever before; the auto-balancing system going on in the background is adjusting constantly, making the price go up and down based on the buying or selling on the app. At a total float market cap of sub $200K, this micro-cap gem is holding strong around 7 cents while the deflation is starting to kick in and lower the total float. Today with ETH down the liquidity is still over $15K. Over 100K BSOV is on the exchange with over 18 ETH. Now anyone can be a sort of Venture Capitalist with a small amount of ETH and get BSOV at a reasonable price in relation to the cost to mine. BSOV is trading around a 20% premium when gas is 75 to call the mint function. At this point, an individual with no mining hardware is not buying at an outrageous premium compared to the market to mine. 75 gas is also not the average lately so the $.06/ BSOV at 75 is actually rare to get through. The price has consolidated around 6–7 cents and it appears many hands have sold walking away from the poker table. With less sell pressure now coming from soft hands who folded early on/ miners mining at low gas, BSOV is starting to grow legs and show signs of truly being adopted and having value. At the end of the day, something is worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. In the case of BSOV, there do not exist derivatives or a way to short sell currently on margin. UniSwap V2 allows for the democratization of investing in micro-cap cryptocurrencies that many large exchanges do not offer liquidity. In my opinion, with so much potential BSOV just needs more awareness from the public and understanding of how to be apart of the journey. Cheers to the long term HODL and to what changes the future will bring! I am no financial adviser, this is all opinion and I do have a stake in BSOV.

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