Twas the Night Before “Cointelegraph”…

BSOV Article Drop 3/12/21

I wanted to make a little article for fun prior to the biggest day in the history of BSOV. The community has paid a large proportion of the donation wallet to have a couple of articles on the biggest altcoin news site. Ethereum mineable tokens are a small niche market that has the potential to blossom moving forward. BSOV is a mineable token that is 100% decentralized and minted by proof-of-work. These coins do not have a percentage given to the founder at launch they need to be mined. With this distribution, it is hard to gain exposure because the founders do not start out with lots of equity on day one as a stock or ICO. As an active community member, I believe in the “store-of-value” narrative and what this coin can bring to the world. I am super excited for the article tomorrow and hope that others find BSOV for the first time like I did in 2019! This community has been fun to work with and since 2019 it has been a huge learning experience on how mineable crypto works. IMO mineable crypto is true crypto and the decentralized aspect of the distribution is the basis of what makes this type of fin-tech so revolutionary. I have said it before and I will say it again, 21k BSOV is 1/991 of the total supply to be ever owned and it will get rarer and rarer over time due to the burn. This is available on Uniswap. 21k BSOV = whale stack.



Mathematician and founder of BanksCoin, more info on the website

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